LAVA HD-2805 Elite, Outdoor TV Antenna, Remote Control, 360 Degree Rotation, with Cable, 4-Way Splitter for 4 tvs


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LAVA 2021 New TV Antenna HD-2805 Elite

As you know, LAVA HD-2805 HDTV Antenna Performance Perfect,  now LAVA HD-2805 Elite has been new updated, Designed for Using Simpler.

It comes with HD-2805 Antenna, control box, remote control, power supply , lava 4-way splitter and 40ft RG59 cable.

Range up to 100 miles , depends your location

Before you buy tv antenna, you can contact LAVA Tech Support, we will recommend you best working for you.

Or you can search channels  #

To know More information in your area.


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