Parallax HD-2605 ULTRA Our best selling directional HDTV Antenna

Up to 125 mile range!
Parallax OMNIPRO HD-8008
New Omni-Directional Style!

Enjoy 360 degree reception from up to 125 miles away!
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Parallax LAVA HD-468 Simple | Powerfull | Indoors

Up to 50 mile range!

Our Best HDTV Antennas for indoor or outdoor use

Slide Genuine
UL Listed
A/C Adapter
All amplified LAVA Antennas only use genuine UL Listed A/C Adapters for peace of mind to ensure you're getting safe, properly designed and manufactured HDTV Antennas that will last.
Slide Up To
125 Mile
Our most popular indoor/outdoor Antennas can reach up to 125 miles, even if you have low signal. If they are broadcasting in your area, We have the right HDTV Antenna for you!
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All of our HDTV Antennas are backed by our 1 Year Limited Warranty! Guaranteed repair or replacement for any parts or products up to 1 year from the date of purchase! See our Warranty page for details.

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LAVA Electronics Inc. is the leader in new electronics product design and manufacturing since 2003.

QPETS is a registered trademark of LAVA Electronics Inc. and specializes in the design of new pet care and training products.

LAVA is a registered trademark of LAVA Electronics Inc. and focuses on HDTV Antenna manufacturing.

Based in Ontario, California, we have an R&D and customer service team to support customers worldwide. We focus on R&D and will continue to strive toward innovative new designs.

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Dreams come true!
Working with LAVA is a dream come true. We value our employees at LAVA and we encourage our team members to learn and grow within the company.
Should I buy a new TV or buy a converter box?
A converter box will cost you 50 bucks, while a new HDTV TV at 32′ may just cost you 150. how to spend your money smartly?
Win-Win or Lose ?
In business we focus on creating a ‘Win-Win situation. We help our customers Win, and we will Win with customer referrals!


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I live in Nashville, TN and I love my LAVA HD-2805, it brings me local channels that I lost before…
Linda Brentt
They are polite and understanding with best customer service and best quality of the products, will recommend them to many more.
Rachel Hughes
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