Free gift for lava electronics customers

Thank you for your purchase of a Lava Electronics Product.  If you received a flyer with your order, or you purchased a Lava Antenna from Amazon or Ebay, you can fill out the form below to received a small gift from us, completely free.  We simply ask you to send us a copy of your receipt and leave us a product review on Amazon or Ebay through the page of the item you purchased.

Please forward a copy of your receipt and your Amazon customer review name or a copy of your review confirmation to our email ( to finalize your free gift request.

If you do not send the requested info to our email first, we will request them from you once we receive your free gift request you submit below.  Your free gift will arrive sooner if you send us the info before we request it over email.

To receive your free gift, we must have received:

  • Your receipt from the seller you purchased from
  • A confirmation email from the review you posted OR your name the review is under
  • The form below filled out and sent OR an email requesting your free gift sent to
If you have any questions on this promotion or any other questions on our products, feel free to contact us via email:
Free Gift Request Form
After you follow the instructions above, fill out this form with the provided info to request your free gift.
Note: Customers from Antenna Deals are not eligible for this promotion.
Please add any other notes below your shipping address in the box above.
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