Replacement Control Box for HD-2605/HD-2805 Antenna (G3/G5 Both Work)

This item does NOT come with an A/C Adapter or Remote.  A 15V Adapter is needed to power the G3 or G5 Ultra Control Box.


This is a replacement G3 or G5 Ultra Control Box for our LAVA HD-2605 Ultra & HD-2805 Ultra Directional Antennas.

If your control box does not power on anymore, does not output signal from both tv ports, or does not show a red light when you press the rotation button, this brand new replacement part should take care of your problems.

If your antenna is not rotating, but your control box has a green light, your antenna main unit has a red light, and when you press the rotation you see a red light on the control box, you probably Do Not need a control box.  You would need a replacement motor rotor, which is also available on this site.

This part does not Include the 15V a/c adapter needed to power the control box or the remote control for rotation.

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