RVHD-2000 OmniPro RV and Marine HDTV Antenna

The RVHD-2000 has the most advantages when it comes to RV HDTV Antennas. Quality of reception is unmatched in the industry! Especially designed for moving recreational vehicles(RV’s, Boats and Caravans).

Omni directional reception (with signal that does not fade while driving!!!) and supports AM/FM/VHF/UHF frequencies.

Waterproof housing made of UV resistant, injection molded ASA material with super durability.

SMD technology provides high gain, low noise amplification. This unique technology ensures excellent performance of all OMNIPRO series antennas.

Keep an eye out for new models in our OMNIPRO series family.


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 Frequency Range  VHF 47-230MHz

 UHF 470-862MHz

 Receiving Range  AM/FM/VHF/UHF
 Gain  30dB
 Noise figure  3dB
 Max output level  100dBµV
 Impedance  75 ohm
 Power input  DC 12V



Signal does not fade while driving!!!

Connect up to two TVs.

Comes with wall mount adapter plate and mounting bracket.

All Power Adapters are UL Listed

Dimension: 15″ Width  x  9″ Height  x  5″ inches at the base

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