LED-LS1 LED Strip Lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) strip lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are very affordable, flexible, easy to install and great for both residential and commercial lighting applications.

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Why LED ?

1. Efficiency and Energy Saving. LED’s give out more light per watt when compared with the traditional light bulbs or incandescent bulbs. The LED rope lights only consume 2.6 Watts of power per unit(1 unit = 36 of LEDs), and it consumes less power for the same amount of light.

2. Long life. The LED strip lights we carry have a long life span. Some cheap strip lights were made with traditional filament bulbs. The whole section of light will go out even if one single bulb is burned out or broken in that section. Unlike traditional strip lights, the LED bulbs inside the strip lights are built with the fuse-bulb smart system. Each bulb has an average of 100,000 hours of life. Even if one of the bulbs burn out, the rest of the bulbs will continue to light up.

3. Less Heat. The traditional light bulbs make light by heating up a metal filament. This process makes the traditional bulbs so hot they can’t be touched. LED’s have no filament, so they emit less heat than traditional bulbs. These characteristics make LED’s cool to the touch and won’t burn your fingers.

4. Quality. The majority of people enjoy the quality, intensity and purity of colors presented by the LED strip lights. Good quality LED strip lights have a low failure rate, and an average of 100,000 hours of life. In order to prolong the life time of LED Strip Lights, you must have a quality LED Chips and we certainly do!

5. Flexibility. These LED lights can be field cut and bent more than 180 degrees. LED strip lights are made with very thin wires that are embedded into a plastic-type epoxy for flexibility and versatility. With the right strand of lights you can have a unique lighting solution for any area in your home. LED strip lights add fun for cabinet and crown molding .

6. Easy to install. The LED strip lights can be installed easily. The RGB flex strip can be cut every 3 Led’s. It is .315 inches wide by 16 feet long and there is a cut mark printed so you can easily pre-determine where you want to cut. You can also cut the strip lights into couple sections by following the easy installation instructions recommended by the manufacturer.

7. Easy Storage. It comes with a rotating easy storage spool so you can easily wind or unwind your lights back to its spool. It gives you a tangle-free and hassle-free decorating.

RGB Strip Specification
Length : 16.4 Ft
Width : 0.315 inch
Wattage : 22W/ spool
Voltage : 24V
Bulb type and wire : 4 Wire, 300 pieces 3528 SMD LED
Type of waterproof : Epoxy Filling
Controller Specification
Working Temperature : -4 degree to -140 degree
Supply voltage : 12V
Max output current : 4A each color
Available Mode : 11
Remote control instruction
Button ‘A’: Different mode button. Stay or switch to different mode.
Button ‘B’: Up speed button. Speed up the lighting effect
Button ‘C’: Down speed button. Speed down the lighting effect
Button ‘D’: Power On/Off switch.
11 modes available. Please check following.
Mode 1 : Static . Red
Mode 2 :Static. Green
Mode 3 : Static. Blue
Mode 4 :Static. Red & Green (RG)
Mode 5 :Static. Blue & Green (BG)
Mode 6 :Static. Blue & Red (BR)
Mode 7 :Static. Blue & Red & Green (BRG)
Mode 8 :3 color Chasing. Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red (RGB)
Mode 9 :7 color Chasing. Green -> BG -> Blue -> Red -> RGB -> RG ->GB -> Green
Mode 10 :6 color Fading. Green -> RG -> Blue -> BG -> Red -> BR -> Green
Mode 11 :7 color Fading. BG -> Red -> BR -> Green -> RG -> Blue -> BRG -> BG

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